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Eye Opening: Why Should You Choose Gardening As A Hobby

Importance Of Gardening As A Hobby:

If you are maintaining a backyard i.e., either smaller or larger one, it is the relaxing and most enjoyable activity. You will enjoy it all year round and you will have more benefits by your participation.

Younger people performs lots of heavy work which helps in improving their physical capacity.

Older people tend to water and perform smaller tasks like weeding etc. which gives them mental relaxation.

Image by Elizabete Di Domenico from Pixabay

Gardening improves the blood circulation which plays crucial role in developing strong immune system.

Gardening exposes you to sunlight which improves your health. Because when we are exposed to sun light, our body releases the nitric oxide which reduces the risk of stroke and blood pressure.

You should never gets exposed to sunlight for longer periods.

Starting Gardening As Hobby:

Gardening as a hobby is the most enjoyable activity.

If you live in hotter or colder climatic regions, you can grow plants indoors or in green houses.

If you live in apartments, you can grow plants at windows, balconies and patios.

Larger space is not at all a basic requirement for gardening because there are many gardening solutions which helps in integrating the gardening into your life style.

Growing your own food requires only less space, little water, sufficient supplements and enough time.  

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Benefits Of Gardening As A Hobby

Stress Buster:

This modern life style always makes us stress, brings alot of problems and degrades the environment.

If you are stressed out and slowly turning into unhealthy life style which includes drinking and smoking, it results in heart and lung diseases.

We have to provide healthy outlet for the stress by considering gardening as a hobby which helps us in dealing with stress, providing solution to many problems and helps in eradicating the pollution upto some extent.

Wildlife Sanctuary:

You can make your garden into your own sanctuary and you can spend a lot of leisure time in it.

Horticulture Therapy:

Horticulture therapy is achieved through gardening which is the new way of treating patients who are suffering from both physical and mental illness.

It also calm downs the patients who experience anxiety.

Many rehabilitation center and hospitals have started growing gardens where patients can walk through and can experience calmness and relaxation.

Revamps The Mental Health:

The Mental Health Benefits Of Choosing Gardening As A Hobby
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Gardening decreases the risk of alzheimer’s, depression, dementia, stress and many other debilitating mental disorders.

Improves Older Adult’s Health:

According to a study, senior citizens who participate in gardening had a 30% lowered risks of stroke and heart attack.

Gardening provides moderate cardiovascular exercise and keeps the heart healthy.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables:

Fresh Fruit Salad
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

When you grow your own fruits and vegetables:

  • They are not treated with harmful chemicals.
  • Not traveled from long distances and sat in racks of super markets for longer periods.
  • Taste of food always depends on freshness. When food seems tastier even children likes to eat them.
  • We can make our family more healthier.

Natural & Chemical Free:

Super markets uses toxic chemicals for preservation. They harvest the fruits and vegetables before its maturity stage and ripen them during transportation. These foods does not contains much nutrients and minerals.

So, when you grow your own fruits and vegetables then you can harvest it after its ripening stage and you just need not to worry about food safety and nutrient content.

Saves You Lots Of Money:

Grocery Store
Image by Ann Holt from Pixabay

Grocery bills can be brought down.

After selecting gardening as hobby, you will gradually improve your skill on gardening and you can also learn complex and chemical free methods of preserving the harvest.

Involving Children:

We have to involve children in gardening and we should make them to learn the importance of home grown food.

In fact, involving children in gardening improves their physical and mental health.

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