Rooftop Gardening Benefits

What is Rooftop Gardening:

Rooftop Gardening is the adaption of urban gardening. You can grow fruits and vegetables on your own roof tops.

Besides the decorative benefits, roof top gardening provides food, temperature control, architectural enhancement and it may even have ecological benefits.

It may be confusing, but the end goal is to grow healthy fruits and vegetables and also a wide variety of floral and decorative plants on your own roof tops.

What Do Roof top Gardens Do?

Rooftop Garden Lavender

Plants like lavender, peppermint consists of therapeutic value, it is because of unique aroma of plants that creates relaxing environment. You can grow a lot of medicinal plants on your own roof tops.

Green Color Relaxes the Eyes Image

The green color of plants on your own roof tops relaxes your eyes, calms your mind and infact helps in relieving stress.

Growing different floral plants and bushes on Rooftops makes your house alluring.

Importance of Roof top Gardening:

Rooftop Gardening without the use of Chemicals and Pesticides Image

Roof top gardening is an enjoyable activity. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables on your own roof tops without using any harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Super Markets Organic Foods Image

Restaurants and local super markets are seeking for natural and chemical free fruits and vegetables. So, maintain a small rooftop garden which produces fruits and vegetables even for sale.

Importance of Rooftop Gardening in Local Super Markets Image

Fresh fruits and vegetables consists of more vitamins and minerals. So, avoid those fruits and vegetables sitting in super market racks for a long time.

Rather than importing fruits and vegetables from distant lands, you can grow them on your roof tops.

Roof top gardens reduces the negative impact of development and also provides space for agriculture.

Roof top gardening increases biodiversity by providing natural habitat for wildlife.

Economic benefits of Green Roofs:

Rooftop Gardening Economic Benefits Fruits and Vegetables more fresh than Canned and Packed Foods image

You can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on your roof tops, which are more fresh and healthier than canned and packed foods.

Rooftop Gardening Economic Benefits Money Giving Lucrative Garden Image

You can make money, by selling the excess goods which may leads to conversion of your own roof tops into money giving lucrative garden.

Green Roof Social Benefits: 

Rooftop Garden Harvest

Sharing the harvest of your rooftop garden can strengthen the bond between you and your neighbors.

“The best way of transforming familiar person into friends, and friends to family members is through sharing nutritious vegetables and fresh fruits and this can be achieved by roof top gardening.”

Offer a pot of vegetable soup and fresh fruit juice (with fruits and vegetables grown on your roof top). It will be a splendid welcome gesture.

Rooftop Gardening Ecological Benefits:

Rooftop Gardening reduces the Air Pollution

Roof top gardening reduces noise and air pollution.

Green roofs are more efficient in preventing heat loss in the winter when compared with conventional roofs.

Roof top Garden Rain water

Since, green roofs are able to retain water, rain water that falls on to the roof surfaces flows into the sewers at a slower rate.

rooftop gardening benefits info graphic

Rooftop Gardening Benefits:

Rooftop Garden - Park Image

When compared to cost of developing and maintaining a public park, roof top gardening is far inexpensive.

Roof Top Garden keeps air clean

The presence of roof top garden increases the air quality and brings down the pollution.

Rooftop Garden Waste Reused and Recycled Image

The waste produced from roof top garden can be recycled and reused as organic fertilizer for the soil.

Rooftop Garden Fruits and Vegetables Eradicating diseases images

Eat naturally grown fruits and vegetables that are grown on your own roof tops for eradicating a number of diseases.

roof top gardening healthier choice for low income families image

It provides healthier choices for low income families, rather than buying them from super markets.

Rooftop Gardening Products In Town and Cities Image

Roof Garden increases the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in cities and towns.

Rooftop Garden Saves Lot Of Money Image

It saves lot of money.

Rooftop garden reduces the usage of packed foods

Roof top Garden reduces the usage of packed, canned, frozen, precooked and fast foods.

Rooftop Garden Provides information to the Children image

Gardening on roofs provides lot of information to the children on surroundings, flora, fauna and natural vegetation.

Rooftop garden provides plenty of oxygen, beautiful greenery, colorful vegetables, fresh fruits and fragrant flowers.

It helps to improve good health and well being.

It enhances the view of your surroundings.

Taking care and spending time in gardening provides good exercise for body.

Gardening acts as remedy for loneliness, depression, and other psychological aspects.

Roof top Gardening Less Income and Effort

Beautiful blooming plants on your own roof tops can make you happy and joyful.

It  provides us income with less investment and effort.

Rooftop gardening plays a vital role in preventing evapotranspiration.

Rooftop Garden Summer image

Rooftop Gardening keeps the temperature down during summer and prevents the heat loss during winter.

Roof top gardening prevents the urban heat island (An urban heat island is a metropolitan area whose temperature is significantly high when compared to its  surrounding rural areas).

Rain water is properly utilized by plants i.e., plants absorbs only the required amount of rain water and the excess water can be stored in tanks and can be used for further purposes.

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